Informal Game Thread: Knicks vs Bulls - December 18, 2014

Bulls have always owned us under Thibodeau, but who knows, maybe tonight will be a rare night where things click. Let's go Knicks!
Melo out tonight with a sore knee. Starting lineup will reportedly be Calderon, THJ, Stat, Aldrich, and Wear. If you have been in favor of mixing things up, it doesn't get more mixed up than that.
TNT pre-game show had Grant Hill instead of Barkley. They did not even acknowledge that their first game was Knicks/Bulls until the last second before cutting to commercial at the end of their opening 10 minutes. Get pumped!
Reggie Miller and Charles Barkley the two color court side analysts for tonight's game. Reggie just said 'Charles may not care about the Knicks, but I do'. Huh? When did that happen?
No DRose tonight. Being on the Bulls is way better than being on the Knicks, but no way getting stuck on a team with another max player who barely plays was the best option for Melo.
I hated Reggie Miller as much as anyone when he played, but with this pairing of Reggie and Chuck going at it during the broadcast, this is very much becoming my enemy's enemy is my friend. Starting to like what Reggie is bringing to the table.
Noah with an airball from the free throw line. Every time I see that at the NBA level, I am still amazed.
Wear having a nice 1st quarter with getting the start. Stat getting killed in the paint though. Not sure we can have a sustainable offense against this Bulls defense if Stat can't pull his weight with the scoring.
Just played audio of Coach Fisher quoting an old coach of his during that timeout "there is no substitute for hustle and if you don't hustle, you will be substituted for"
Down by 10 at the end of the 1st quarter and let a Bulls team without DRose drop 30 on us. This may get real ugly, real fast.
Not going to say people are missing much with this game, but if you're a Knicks fan and not watching, you're missing Reggie and Charles talking through some really interesting points about the Knicks and the triangle offense


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Yep...chuck says" Melo is UNDERPAID on this team" and "it's not Melo's fault this team is turrible

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We're competing out there and only down 7 at the half, but nothing about how we are playing makes you think our guys have any plans to actually win this game. Then again, you never know. Let's go Knicks!


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Man this team can't rebound and defend for crap and that's lack of effort and hustle:( I don't think Fish was the right pick to coach this team; these vets played with Fish so the don't respect or play hard for him on chief

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