Informal Game Thread: Knicks vs Suns - Saturday Matinee - December 20, 2014

Melo with a nice defensive strip, but otherwise our defense just looks overmatched against the Suns relentless attack. Not sure our guys have enough in the tank to make one more big surge, but we'll see. This version of the Knicks is the opposite of the Pat Riley Knicks. We always seem to have less energy than our opponents when it matters most.
Huge putback dunk by Dalembert to cut the lead to 3 and the crowd is pumped. Still, haven't shown we can stop this guard trio of Dragic, Bledsoe, and Thomas.
Calderon with the alley-oop to Dalembert to get the lead back to 3. Calderon is hitting shots and setting up whoever is on the floor with him for easy shots. He has brought to NY what we were promised. Calderon and Melo can be built around in my opinion for the next couple years, just very, very carefully.
Thomas goes JR Smith ballhog style and hits a dagger from 3 against us. 9 point lead and we can't get stops. This one looks like yet another replay of most of the last month or so.
Up until the final few minutes, this was a great effort by our team, but this deadly trio of guards, plus Morris' huge offensive stretch, plus some incredibly tenacious defense against Melo, all equates to loss number 24, which is once again the most in the NBA. Few fans booing in the final few seconds, but what's the point? Our guys don't want this anymore than the non-pro-tanking fans do.


Maybe the best thing would be for the Knicks to declare Melo is out the rest of the season with a knee injury to ensure we get that chance for the top pick. Really impressed with that Okafor kid, very skilled big man, reminds me of Demarcus Cousins minus the attitude.


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I worked today and didn't know we had a game. Just as well htr10 posts summarized the game nicely. Lost another close one:(

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