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I was talking to my brother during the game and he said what if the Knicks strike while the iron is seemingly still hot with Lin and use him to have someone also take on STAT's contract

Would you give up Lin if it meant losing STAT's contract and creating better cap flexibility

*I am in no way saying trade them both this is simply a scenario brought up*


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Dolan isn't a basketball guru, he's an owner, he doesn't think in categories of how to make our payroll more flexible or how to add even more talent to this already loaded roster. What he's up to is how to increase his revenue and Lin is by all means an absolute cash cow, who makes millions of dollars by catching attention of one of the biggest markets in the world. Besides, trading Lin together with Amare doesn't really make sense, mainly because nobody knows Lin's real value and nobodoby wants Amare's max contract.


Amare's chances of leaving NY = Joe Johnson's chances of leaving Atlanta

No team would wanna take their contracts at the moment.

Lin? He will be an idiot if he goes out of NY, it's the right place for him, and NY would never let him go.

Both won't leave.


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Neither STAT nor Lin is going anywhere

Yeah... nobody is taking on Amare's contract and Dolan isn't letting go of Lin anytime soon..

The only person i see having a problem with us keeping regarding cap space is Novak and possibly JR... teams will be all over Novak and I dont see how we will be able to afford him , and if JR continues his solid game he'll probably be offered more than his $2.5 mil option which is all we can pay him next season.

but STAT and Lin are staying in NY.
If it means we get Kevin Love for STAT and LIn I'd do it.

He'd be the ideal addition to Chandler and Melo imo. Their games would complement each other very very well.

Other than that no. Not because of Amar'e but because of Lin. The kid can really play, still has room to improve and we desperately need a PG. Davis and Bibby look like they're ready for retirement. Douglas is a borderline D-League player and well that's it. Lin is our only legit PG on the roster. Trading him would hurt, but if it means getting Love in return I'd do it, because he's a unique player.