Is Eddy Curry the Worst Knick Ever?

Is Eddy Curry the Worst Knick EVER?

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I voted no...talent wise he's not. Not even our worst contract. Jerome james is by far the worst knick ever. he played practicaly no games. He wouldn't even have half a season of games played over his contract. All he ever had was 2 good games in the playoffs and Isaih thought he was a lock. Curry at least produced for us for 1 season as the featured player in offense with an upside if he hustled on defense which we only saw a couple times.
Now looking back and seeingthe damage he's done to our franchise off court. Not by his antics, for the most part I think he was well behaved. Except that stunt when he alledgedly showed the chauffer his shaft. But by the info about maybe trading him for cap space and having room for 3. Not to mention, the draft pics we gave up for him. Probably one of the worst signings ever. Marbury, bad trade gave up to much for him, but he was productive until Isiah put the clamps on him. Curry had the worst work ethics ever.
All that said, I do think he was mishandled last year. the guy bust his ass in offseason, comes in after losing a ton, yes he wasn't in game shape, but coach D should have let him try and play into shape a little. Not like we were winning the championship last year. Especially the second half of season where there was room for him to get some minutes. Might have made it a little easier to trade. I mean I get what Coach D was trying to do...and I agree with the ethics behind it, you work hard you play. But this is far from those times in sports. A guy like curry maybe had an inflated sense of worth and thought he deserved to start. The 2 egos didn't fit, just like nate and Coach D. Maybe he plays well this year early if at all, and we can trade him and an extra player or 2 for an extra star quality player. But the addition of Turiac bodes against that.

It's not about talent.

It's about what Curry did to this franchise.

The Eddy Curry trade will go down as the worst trade in Knicks history.

Over 13 million dollars of cap space, multiple first round and second round picks for the worst defensive, rebounding and passing center of all time.

Eddy Curry will forever go down as doing more negative than positive.

Isiah Thomas tried so hard to sell the trade that he made himself head coach and created the Curry System; a system that implemented feeding Eddy Curry the ball over and over no matter how many seconds or turnovers or offensive fouls it took. Leaving Eddy Curry on the floor no matter how many points he gave up on the defensive end. This system lead to Curry averaging a career high in points but the Knicks having one of the worst seasons in franchise history. Does anyone remember that?


All Star
performance wise no, he was barely healthy and he did have one good year eventhough he didnt rebound or play much defense


his contract and length of the deal was the real kicker. If anyone should have been amnestied before the new CBA, it was Curry. I think HE is the reason we have the amnesty rule


they should just call it the Eddy Curry Rule.

in all seriousness, yeah his was the worst contract/trade ever.

However I still think that the undoing of the Knicks was the H20 contract. Not that houston was a bad player, just that his contract ended up making the knicks irrelevant for the next 10 years...


Eddy Curry was destined to have his jersey number retired by the Knicks until he lost all of his confidence because of something Stephon Marbury said.

Notice how Marbury does not acknowledge Curry in the video right after Curry had one of the greatest seasons of his career with the Knicks as a low post presence for them.But instead Marbury decides to talk about how Zach Randolph will be the much needed low post presence. I think Curry's confidence was shot down after he heard those statements from Marbury, as he never recovered after that.
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