Jack Taylor 138pt Game


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Honestly i think the coaches of both teams made some kind of BET

but still very impressive from taylor 138 pts wow


Have you checked on youtube? maybe it'll show every play he scored or were you looking for the actual whole game.


This thing was such a sham. Really a disgrace by all involved to make a mockery of college athletics. If you look into it, the head coach of Grinnell does this just to sell his books and "system.." His system is kind of like "the system" made famous by Paul Westhead, except it's a complete pervesion of it...focused only on scoring as many points as possible, and not the principle of wearing down the other team.

As for the coach of the other team....He had to have known what was going on before this even started...otherwise you would just take time off the clock during your possession and box and one or "triangle and two" the guy...or how about foul him hard a few times. Either way, I would be ashamed to have been a part of this, and for the media to not call this out for what it is really shows their complacency/willingness to sell a story at the expense of the sport of basketball.