Jeffries will be missed........Out for the next few games.


This is not the time to play favoritism to Stat/Melo/Smith

I guess I called it early. "He will be missed"

Good call....Woody F..ked-up big time with certain Knicks players in the 76ers game....
DAMN! I was starting to like Woody too.

Jefferies has been dangerous as a player/coach in the lineup with Chandler, Novak,
Fields or Shump, and Lin, a lineup we havnt seen in the 5 game win streak....then
Woody denying Chandler/Fields playingtime in the 4th quarter (Jefferies get injured),
and the next game vs Toronto Raptors....I watched Chandler, Fields, Shump, and Lin
do nothing to stop the Raptors G/F players 6.7 Derozan (30 points) and
6.7 Forbes (21 points) the Toronto Raptors a defensive team? HELL NO!
Hard to tell in the Raptors 3rd qtr. run holding the Knicks to just 17 points, while
scoring 31 points on the Knicks tough defense :smokin: