Jeremy Lin anniversary


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Crazy. What a great time in sports. Fortunately I was already a Knicks fan. Despite what went down, I'll always think greatly of this time period. That was a once in a lifetime thing, if even.
All I can say is that I wish the best for him....until he plays against the Knicks. His anniversary means nothing to me simply because he's no longer a part of the team. There are a lot of former Knicks I miss, but that feeling often goes away everytime these former Knicks hold grudges and do their best to defeat us. It's hard for me to praise or celebrate anyone that's not about what we are trying to do. Too many let downs and too many Jersey's of x-Knicks piling up has put me in that "FU2" mode. But nothing serious, ofcoarse lol.


Guess he celebrated yesterday, had a career best 5 3's, 28 pts and 9 dimes. He could be as good as Ray on this team but I'm happy with Felton.