JR Smith smashin Rihanna?


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Rihanna has been linked to another sportsman less than a year after ending her romance with baseball star Matt Kemp.

The singer was spotted getting cozy with New York Knicks basketball player J.R. Smith at a New York nightclub last week.

One onlooker who saw the pair together at Veranda tells In Touch magazine, ?They were very flirty in the club all night and holding hands. She was sitting on his lap and appeared to be really into him.?

Like Rihanna, Smith, 26, is no stranger to the headlines for his sexy exploits ? he was fined $25,000 by the NBA in March after tweeting a photo of a woman?s butt in a thong from his bed.


Just a rumor and if the mods have to move this thread, please do what u need to do. Props to JR if this is true, I get an extra inch when im tuggin to pics of Rihanna


I got Soul
****, I don't want this!

Remember when she dated Matt Kemp? Dude played like an absolute wash that year.

Then they broke up last season and he was the best player in baseball :teeth:


Grid or Riot
Who freaking cares who has JR been dating lately? Seriously folks, is it something to discuss in the Game On section of KO?
She must like to **** because there is no way a selfishplayer like JR is assisting her in anyway

Haha good one!

Props to J.R. it's one thing to **** a couple of hookers as a (semi-)famous baller but another thing to **** an A-list celeb.

Well done agent Smith, now take some lessons from the Pacers backcourt on how to stop D-Fake.


I don't care what JR does in bed or who he is banging. He could be banging another dude for all I care as long as he deliver on the court. :smokin:

But at least if he is playing like ****, I know what/who to blame. LMAO!


Rhianna is out of control

chick is smashing everybody. definitely lost some points with me for turning into a smut but she is bad though. can't blame J.R. LOL
Lindsay, kardashian, Manaj, Spears, Rihanna, GaGa, and Hilton are all attention seeking freaks. I can only imagine horny teenagers and loney young men being interested in these chicks. Women are a dime a dozen...so lets forget about these mishaps in life and keep them out of the Knicks forums.


I could care less who he's banging or taking ass pics of, as long as he produces IF he resigns with the Knicks.


Are we surprised? Rihanna bangs anything that dribbles a ball, carries a bat or raps. A few weeks ago she was caught leaving Ashton Cutchers house at 2 am and now this.