Kings @ Knicks GT


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Amar'e...oh man...what a game....

This is the Amar'e this Knicks team has needed. On nights when Carmelo is off, you need someone to pick up the slack, and lucky for us, Amar'e delivered the deathblow early on and sealed the game for the Knicks in the 3rd quarter.

Great game for NY, we need to be able to dominate teams like the Kings, not win by 3 points. Most importantly it wasn't a great night for Melo but we still came through, showing that we have more than him


Looks like if Knicks care, they can rebound.
50 rebs yesterday, 52 tonight, and can be better rebounders than opponent team.
Chandler should beast like that all the time.

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Most encouraging plays of this game....Stat knocking down that mid range shot and Stat driving and dunking.

If he gets those back then we are going to be a very tough team to beat.

Amare hitting the J opens the floor up for Drives for other guys and makes doubling Melo extremely difficult because Melo can pass it off.

Also If he gets that J going what that leads to is teams closing hard on him and him blowing by for dunks or dumping it to Tyson.


just got home from watching the UFC fights.. pissed I missed this slaughter live but I'm about to catch the replay

lookin at the stat sheet wow.. awesome to see STAT 10/10 and beasting, Tys with 20 rebounds again, and JR and Novak goin off can't wait to watch it all

biggest thing is Melo had an off night (sucks that his streak ended) but we still dominated




After the first 5 or 6 minutes, which were just ugly, I think the Knicks played basketball just about as perfectly as possible. Amar'e had an incredible game. 10/10 speaks for itself, but I think his defence showed some improvement and I even think I saw him box some guys out and pull down some rebounds. Great to have STAT back, and really good that the chemistry was looking good with Melo and Tyson. It was when Amar'e entered the game that Sacremento's lead started getting cut. Encouraging signs for when Amar'e returns to the starting lineup and the playoffs.
Melo had a bad shooting night but I don't think he had a bad game. Saw some great ball movement which lead to all the open looks and the barrage of threes from JR and Novak.
Tyson a beast on the boards again, can't moan at back to back 20 rebound nights. 8 offensive boards too, happy days.
The Kings aren't the best opposition in the league by any stretch of the imagination but to beat an NBA team by 40 points, thats a damn good showing.


Man...this is amazing.

Chandler is playing like the aggressive guy he was last year, snatching rebounds and being a presence inside the paint.

Amare has been reincarnated and has come back to life on both ends of the floor. He's giving it everything he got out there.

Novak is finally Novak again.

Can we please repeat this performance again? Atleast once more? This was too good.