Knicks Focus: What 2015 Free Agent will NYK target?


Which 2015 free agent player will the New York Knicks target as their number one option???

There are plenty of possibilities from Point Guard to Center as the more likely top two positions of need...

Names floating around are Rajon Rondo & Marc Gasol...

Anyone else??? and why???


KD in 2016. Looks like Love won't be available in 2015 and other than him it's not a star filled FA class. Aldridge, Gasol and Rondo would be my guess for guys Phil might acquire but I wouldn't go all in next year preferring to wait until 2016 to make a run at Durant.


Gasol and Rondo make more sense than Aldridge, especially if Durant is a target in 2016.

If they get both Gasol and Rondo, then Durant is not possible (cap-wise), but I would take that in a heartbeat.

No way I am passing that up to wait another year for Durant, who would be a long-shot anyway.