Knicks hire Larry Johnson as Basketball and Business Operations Representative


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Apparently according to Hahn his role will focus on player development, marketing, and community relations.

Hopefully "Player Development" means "Teach Amar'e how to be TOUGH"


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Stat is going to be Stat, he got his $100M contract to retire on....3 season left.

I would rather Larry Johnson spend his energy on developing a trio chemistry frontcourt lineup
with "7.0 Jordan, 6.10 Jorts, and 6.10 Novak" where Larry's training will be appreciated the
most by the players.


good news now they just need to find a job for Ewing and they will have gained all the good karma they lost over the last few years.


I just want to say this is a SICK hire and will be awesome for the knicks. I suspect houston had a hand in getting LJ back on the team.


Grandmama is back!

YES! excellent move by D'oh-lan to bring LJ back into the fold
LJ4ptplay must be creaming in his pants!

the man is a winner, his 4 pt play has gone down in Knicks history as one of the best shots ever,
and his post-up, back-to-the-basket style of play can only help STAT, Jorts and Jordan with their game
(I don't believe Chandler needs a post-up game, he's awesome just the way he is).

maybe, just maybe, that LJ magic was part of the reason Knicks beat Chicago on Easter Sunday...
welcome back Grandmama!

btw, excellent Shumpty Shump sig Wargames! you make that?