Knicks new addition Kemba Walker & Evan Fournier


No we can’t agree that Frank is a bust. The people that won the most championship draft him and knows talent. Can you say the same for RJ people. The different RJ people are in charge and want that Bust at #3 to look good.
See Tiger you keep forgetting about team. You force a player down the throat of the fans but the sportswriters say ‘oh hell NO’.
If Nits is out of the NBA and winds up playing in Europe as I predict, he has to be regarded as a bust. I also predict RJ is going to be extended by the Knicks when it's time.

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Only if Perry is around. He can look like a failure so that is why all the hype and smoke and mirrors to hide RJ. You can hide him knowledgeable bb people. That way he has come close to any awards. Frank at #8 not given a snowball chance in hell of succeeding. RJ at #3 can?t win a position on his own talents, can?t place on any awards even though given a starting position and playing almost 40 minutes a game.
So again you talk? more than willing to anytime. Win and earn a position, Tiger? No more, no less. You never do that!!
See you never talk about what he has earned. Don?t you know all the players in the league knows what going on with him in NY.

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Frank over Mitchell was a franchise demolishing decision. Phil and Gaines set NyK back a decade with their boner.

I read a team in Italy is possibly interested in Knits?.

Meanwhile, unlike Frank who never approved 1 aspect of his offensive game, RJ is out there in the forge?. Recreating himself. He was told he couldn?t shoot FT or a 3, so he came back his sophomore year and said ?eat my shorts? to his detractors. I look forward to seeing the offseason improvements come Nov!

? Last year he started off struggling mightily with his shooting, then caught fire and showed just how much he?d worked on his jumper. Many were impressed not only by the results, but the mental fortitude and confidence he had to stay on course and trust the work he put in during the summer. He went from averaging 14.3 points per game on 40.2% from the field and 32% from 3 to 17.6 on 44% and 40.1% from 3. While he struggled in the playoffs, Barrett showed signs he possesses the work ethic, physical tools and mentality to become a very good player.?[/QUOTE
Ok, since you saw that drafting Mitchell over Frank was a better move.
Given the people who the most championships less than 3 years to turn the Knicks. But give Mills, Perry and L. Rose more time to do what? I don?t see any championship. So before the coming to the Knicks name how many team they have guided to a championship? Name Them.., I?m listening!!

Maybe you don?t know it. If you do something over and over again then at the least you become average. Now that is if given the opportunity.

How about being fair with all players when it comes to opportunities to play. See that is what preseason games and practice is for to earn a position. RJ has played with this season 3 different positions and has earned NONE!!

With your own words you condemn RJ play for not earning a position or any position. Starting him and letting him try to get better at the expense of those how put in the work and earn a starting position or game minute. At the expense of the overall team you have the nerve to try and justify his starting and playing.

BTW, KP @ #4for whatever you think about him transform the Knicks. RJ @#3 doesn?t move the Needle of the Knicks. So if you want to talk let start there. Phil verses those Clowns your think are doing such a great job of picking talent.


Wsup Dark Raider .. The proof will be in next season performance, having Walker, RJ, and Fournier as Knicks starters will lead to a 30 win season.
We all knew RJ Barrett's performance in college were skeptical of being an early pick in a sorry 2019 draft-class especially, when RJ and Zion flunked March Madness.
GM Perry made sure his 3rd pick RJ Barrett's inconsistent performance receive 30 plus minutes per game from day one as a Knicks.
Having a 30 plus minute rookie RJ Barrett in the starter lineup playing lost/confuse and always out of position on offense/defense had the Knicks have a 21-41 record season, before Covid-19 shut-down the NBA.
And last season RJ Barrett's 2nd season performance were poor and inconsistent the first 48 Knicks games of the season, plus RJ lack of performance in the Knicks half-court offense always made PG-Payton look awful not having any SG help in the back-court. Last-season coaching wasn't about developing Payton or Rivers into the Knicks starter PG, it was all about developing a 20 yr old RJ Barrett into a 30 plus minute statistical player, after the nothing rookie season.
RJ Barrett is not the young super-star Ja Morrant .. Stop giving RJ Barrett the same minutes, and green-light as the Grizz give to Ja Morrant. The offense/defense statistics of the two guards are far apart.
Frank will be back !!!


Frank over Mitchell was a franchise demolishing decision. Phil and Gaines set NyK back a decade with their boner.

At the time, Phil Jackson selected Frank's defensive talent in the draft with the 8th pick .. The Knicks had 3 top scorers in KP Melo and D.Rose, none of the Knicks top 3 scorers were dependable or efficient on the defensive-end of the court.
Donovan Mitchel would've been a Bust being force to play at the PG spot!
Donovan Mitchel are a super-star today, because Jazz coach Snyder played Mitchel at his natural position SG, and combo-guard. Last season we watched the top winning team in the West the Utah Jazz couldn't get pass the 2nd round of the playoffs when their PG Conley went out with injury.

Frank also were a natural defensive SG, having combo-guard talents, which none of the Knicks 4 head-coaches played Frank at mainly because of GM Perry's high price signing of SG-Tim Hardaway Jr., then the 3rd pick of the 2019 draft RJ Barrett.
After the offseason, Frank will be allowed to choose the NBA team & coach he like to sign with.

Changing the subject of this post to RJ Barrett vs Frank .. Does not change the off-season moves Perry made for the Knicks made
The Knicks replaced PG Efrid Payton for a injury-prone knee Kemba Walker.
Plus the Knicks are replacing Bullocks (the only NBA teammate to mesh well with Randle) for Evan Fournier, whom were on three teams in his contract year (Magic, Celts, France).
I believe both Bullock & Fournier would've been dynamic holding down the SF spot in next-season rotation. The lost of Bullock's 2-Way hustle in the rotation will be missed!

The trio back-court of Kemba RJ and Fournier ???
Randle & MitchRob or Noel ???

My Knicks optimism $$$ are on our creative winning 2nd unit lineup .. D.Rose, Quickley, Obi, and Noel or MitchRob !!!