Knicks sign Chris Copeland


Is that the only vid available? Have no interest in iso, back to the basket players in the 2nd unit with JR out there.


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His offensive game reminds
Me so much of melo...i like his game, he can def fill it up...with the additions of camby and copeland and white its looking more and more like jeffries minutes will go way down now that we have big men that can bring offense and defense to spell amare melo and chandler but i still want jj back for the vet min

Anyone else see some Latrell Sprewell in this guy's game? This guy's bigger than Spree (more of a true SF -- I remember Spree playing 3 for us but that was because of H2O -- Spree was really a 2G) and probably nowhere near as talented but just going off that clip -- the way he pounds the ball on the floor aggressively in the post, the strength & speedy execution in the post, the way he shoots the ball from deep, the 'not gonna be denied' attitude, the intensity, etc. I dunno man, I definitely see some Sprewell...Looks like a player..

That whole clip was post-ups and 3s (and I liked what I saw). I'm gonna want to see if he can put it on the floor. Same with Jeff Brooks -- gonna want to see if that dude can put it on the floor as well.


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Hey Finestrg, how about doing a thread on the summer league guys? i just read that White James will play on the team as well...

who do you think has the best chance to make the team?

im not finestrg but we know Copeland and White will play in summer league and will be on the roster.

Chris Smith is a 6-2 guard out of Lousiville and J.R Smith's brother. If he shows that he has the ability to score like his brother but has better handles as a PG then I can see him signed as a 4th string PG that will be on the practice squad and a reserve player.

Also as a 4th string PG look at Russel Walker Jr. who has the most NBA experience, the son of a scout on the Knicks who actually looked good in one game played against us.

Also since we might not resign Jeffries and/or use Gadzuric in a sign and trade...I can see us signing a big man like 'Art' Parakhouski.

Since we signed Copeland and White, I doubt we will sign any forwards on the summer league team.


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Also since we might not resign Jeffries and/or use Gadzuric in a sign and trade...I can see us signing a big man like 'Art' Parakhouski.



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Best case scenario: Chris Copeland will lead the Erie Bayhawks to the DLeague title

Dude got a non-guaranteed one-year deal.. translation: he will anchor the end of the bench max 10 games


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he gets buckets but it looks weird lol. we got an athletic ass summer league team. why dont they show the game on msg or nba tv??