Knicks @ Sixers Emergency GT


Compare both team rosters, this score is just ridiculous. Most valuable team? Pathetic joke.
Time to go sleep.


Take Melo & JR out for the game so we can win

Amar'e >>>> Melo, JR

This game, at least. I don't know why they keep taking contested shots when they're clearly struggling from the perimeter. Why not attack the basket, which usually results to free throws.


well that was awful

JR, Shump, and Kidd combined 0-17 smh and melo must still be fasting cause he's still playin like ass

STAT beasted though


What a disgrace of a game the Knicks played. How does Mike Woodson allow these guys to come out with no heart or effort? Did they think that their win against the Celtics was their NBA championship and decided to take the season off?

I felt like I was watching a game from 2005, back when the Knicks didn't even try to compete. I am very disappointed in this team. They have not proved anything and they think that they could bulldoze their way against bad teams by playing halfheartedly.

Raymond Felton played like trash. JR Smith has been a no show for the past several weeks. And I congratulate Jrue Holliday for making the long list of players who mark their career high against the Knicks.

This team needs to get their heads out of the clouds because if they keep playing like the way they have been playing lately they will finish the season as a 7th or 8th seed and get bumped off in the first round of the playoffs.

T.O Knick

Dog days of winter.

Don't expect much from our boys, particularly away from MSG. At this point just hope we're healthy come the Spring.