Knicks @ Spurs: Pre GT discussion


I'll copy and paste the following posts herein in to your GT, CA7.


New York: As the NBA?s only unbeaten team, the Knicks are feeling good entering a difficult back-to-back against the Spurs and Grizzlies. The only negative news out of the New York camp is the knee swelling Ronnie Brewer is dealing with after Tuesday?s win in Orlando. Head coach Mike Woodson told reporters he will play on Thursday night and he is listed as probable for the contest. New York is 5-0 and will continue the first true road trip of the season in San Antonio before traveling to Memphis on Friday night.

San Antonio: It?s no surprise the Spurs are once again one of the top teams in the Western Conference and the entire league. A model of consistency over the last decade, San Antonio will contend for a title behind its Big Three of Tony Parker, Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili. Additionally, the Spurs have sprinkled in some young and promising players to their roster with Danny Green, Kawhi Leonard, and Tiago Splitter. San Antonio owns the best record in the Western Conference at 7-1 after three straight victories on the road. The only defeat for the Spurs was a 22-point loss to the Clippers on November 7.​

Bummer about Brewer! We're gonna need all the help we can get against this crew of savvy old sea-farers.

Melo will destroy whoever plays on him, but I think that the front-court's D is gonna be paramount with Parker driving and Duncan weaving his magic.

Offensively I think we'll rely most on movement and perimeter shots to take down this time worn leviathan.

HUGE TEST for the league's only undefeated time.

New New York

Quiet Storm
We gotta go big up front....Kurt Thomas or Camby (my ideal selection) needs to start this game so we can confidently move Tyson on to Duncan

Parker and Felton should be entertaining.

I thought Brewer was gonna play, just limited?

If Ronnie plays I like him starting at the SG with Kidd coming off the bench.


This unit should give us the type of start on both sides of the ball we are going to need...we can not wait to the 2nd half to turn it on like the past couple of games this team will have us down 14 or so by then.

I know Woody is not comfortable with Camby's conditioning but the only way conditioning gets better is to put a guy out there. Marcus is seasoned vet he'll let the coach know when he needs to come out if he is hurting the team.

Likely Camby won't start but my point is we need to go big the next 2 games. Melo at the 4 is too big a liability against Duncan and ZBo

Kidd and a very confident JR coming off the bench should sustain a good start and hopefully Novak and Sheed can come out of their slumps...we are gonna need them big time tonight and tomorrow.

I honestly can't call this game...neither a double digit loss or double digit win would surprise me...of course we know which of the 2 we all want


This b2b is first real test for us, show us where we are.
Expect from Knicks more def rebs and blocks, wake up TC.


Cant wait for this game

#1 in the west vs #1 in the East

i can see this one being a grudge match come 4th quarter


if we will play like vs Heat and if we win @ Spurs floor talking will be more louder about Knicks

most dangerous is Manu and Jackson Manu can shot treys like Bryant and Jax dont wana comment vs Thunder.

i wana see Kidd vs Tony

keys to win => force them to low % shot LOL

Kidd Karma

Tyson needs to stay out of foul trouble, yet with Thomas, Sheed and Camby in the stable, it might not be the overriding factor in us taking the win. Melo and Smith both need big games. Leonard and Green are tough defenders.....Spurs style players. I think Parker is the key to their offense, if we can make him work early, it should help us end game.