Knicks V Spurs - Thu, Jan 3 @ 7:30.

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(Post Game Reaction) Knicks V Spurs - Thu, Jan 3 @ 7:30.

This night was an example of the Knicks clicking on all cylinders. A great bounce back win off of a 2 game losing streak.

1. Thank goodness for coach Woodson making adjustments. Camby in the starting lineup- Knicks lead (by a wide margin) on the boards.

Added the increased defensive intensity and performance.

2. I said if our leaders Melo, STAT, and JR vouch for Novak he can stay; and also he could contribute if we get the kick out and drive and dish going...

we did. Novak firing away.:machinegun:

3. Petee Pablo running the offense to perfection. Props to Crazy 8's forecasting that.:thumbsup:

4. Hungry dudes on the bench ex. White and Copeland have opportunities to play and give our starters valuable rest.

5. Knicks sweep the Spurs for the first time in ten years.

*Breen thinks Melo is best at the 4 and STAT at the 5.

Bullsh*t. They both are better with an anchor like TC back there. And the best part is 90% of teams choose to go small. SMH.

*I eagerly await Cool Clyde's and others write-up on this game. One. :cool:


I really liked 2 things about STAT:
1- Great decision making on the offense.
2- Good hustle on the rebounds.

His finishing sucks right now, but I'm certain that it will get back to what it used to be (STAT was the best finisher in the league. Period.). Defensive rotations and all of that will take time, but I think he will be notably better than he was in that department by the end of the regular season.


Held them to a season low 83 points on 35% shooting.

And there's still room for improvement.


I love the fact that Melo was actively trying to feed STAT when they were on the floor together. It always seemed that there was friction between them the two previous season. Glad to see they?re making an effort to develop a two man game. :peace:

Melo passin .. Stat settin screens .. I spilled my drink yelling, "About Time!"


Melo passin .. Stat settin screens .. I spilled my drink yelling, "About Time!"

Nice observation. STAT was actually setting screens this game and not just slipping off of the defender.

And he had a quiet game but Camby was huge for us blocking shots, rebounding, boxing out, and making delicious passes. The rotations have been much improved this game. Good adjustment by Woody.


Needed this kinda Thursday to lead me into a F it Friday, def not sweating work tomorrow now, this gave me all the Viagra for the soul I need to get through one day

New New York

Quiet Storm
gotta stop trying to have Amare play with his back to the basket right now.

I would have him just face up and shoot and pick and roll until he gets back into game shape, no use in trying to have him run before he can crawl!!!

About the game....sound win

No one did anything spectacular just everyone did a couple of things really good.

Player of the game to me was Pablo...type of PG Greg Pop would love have backing up Parker.

I admit it when we got him I just saw him as a garbage time player....proving to be more than that by far!

Would have loved a win against both Spurs and Portland....but of the 2 this is obviously the more meaningful win.

Tyson/Camby tandem was great 12 pts 20 rebs 2 blks

I said Brewer needed to hit shots with the starting 5 we put out and he did