KP is the winner in the trade from the Knicks:

Well the NBA finals aren't over with just yet. Boston is leading 3-1 over Dallas. Most of you are finally getting to see what kind of player Luka is as a SuperStar.

This Thread is about Kristraps Porzingis. Some of you might have heard of him and some might hate him. Well, for whatever the reason I thought this thread was appropriate right now.

This is the end results of a horrible conspiracy against Real Knick Fans and the Management team of Phil Jackson and Clarence Gaines. K.P. is going to win a Championship while we the real Knick fans suffer another year. Gone are Conspirators and mastermind of debacle played on the Real Knick fans. Gone are Scott Perry, Steve Mill and Craig Robinson (Michelle Obama brother) head of player development. This was the brain trust that led to trading of K.P. and to guide us to a championship (I guess). This was not the start of our downfall but it close.
Never ever found out the real reason why Dolan thought getting rid of Phil Jackson was a good Idea. He couldn't have thought it thru because where were you going to find a Real Knick with his credentials or anyone in the world with them and also be a Knickerbockers? Outside of Phil going to jail for murder then he is the Knicks president for as long as he wants it..... Of course that is my thinking not Mr. Dolan. This is when you discover if you have Real Knowledgeable BB people. WE DIDN'T!!

Phil drafting of KP was the light at the end of the tunnel for Knick fans. Phil finding someone to run the championships winning Triangle Offense was a different story. Truly a time-consuming effect on his part. Building a team within a team was another major effect. This was something most Knick fans didn't see because they built an NBA team or even care about doing. This is why Clarence Gaines was so important to the planning. Someone that knows talent.

**Let me stop and say this to those that have some exceptions to that statement. KP was scouted by Gaines ..... KP is winning a Championship .... And you went along with Mills and Perry and regretfully Knicks are at Home.

Ok, You fire Phil.... You get KP hurt in a game that didn't matter.... KP ask for a trade and is traded (there are only 3 players I'm trading KP for at the time Anthony Davis, Joel Embiid or KAT... That IT)....... As of this day IMO we haven't gotten anything of value or that has helped the Knicks is any shape, form or fashion.... NOTHING!!

Drugged into the dungeons of the NBA by Conspirators that had no earthly idea what they were doing. Painted a 'Pipe Dream' for those dumb enough to believe that it was going to happen. Most Knick fans believe it. As the Dream slowly dissolve before their eyes with No two SuperStars signing or an overweight college Superstar is available at #3 in the draft. From the 2019 draft and FA signing until Dec. 30, 2024 we suffer because of those conspirators. Finally from where (I don't know) came some Real Knowledge BB people.

Some in this forum are jumping up and down thinking about how bright our future is with a bunch of players from the same college. I wish I could share and believe in your enthusiasm but I can't as long as I see what could have been for the Knicks.

I'm very happy for KP and Kornet (also a Gaines Scout played player) even if Celtics lose to Dallas.

I have been a Knick fan for a very long time. A Championship would be nice to see before I leave the earth. There was a light but it was put out. If anyone see a light at the end of the tunnel that was as bright as KP then please point it out.


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Mavs had made a major roster shakeup by trading Smith Jr., Wesley Matthews, DeAndre Jordan and two first round picks to the Knicks in exchange for Kristaps Porzingis, Tim Hardaway Jr., Courtney Lee and Trey Burke.

this now is a 24th pick first rounder.

not a good trade
The Mav’s are the next winner in this trade. They made it to the finals by being better business men than the Perry and Mills.

Just looking at the trade now in hindsight…why in world would you make this trade? The hate for KP and Frank was great with Perry not with Mills. They bite off more than they could chew. Like some in this forum…, they don’t know and can’t admit they have no idea what they are doing. Destroying anything or anyone that makes Phil and Gaines look good.

Ski, have I ever told you about the comments Perry made to me (at a Hawks game) about MPJ and Knox.