LeBron James returns to hometown to donate new unforms at his alma mater


I would love for Lebron to take off one year and play in the NFL like MJ did in baseball. Dude would be an unstoppable wide out with his height.
**** LeBron. He didn't donate ****. Those uniforms were bought by Nike. All he did was make an apperance at his ols high school......oh yeah and shot a commercial that Nike payed him for. A man with that much $$$ shouldn't have to lie about "giving back" , he should be doing it because the kids deserve it and he's got it to give.


^i assume you know that for a fact...? the bottom line is, his alma mater has new uniforms for their football team, whether he paid for them is not the real question, but that he got them uniforms one way or another. AND he made an appearance dressed to the 9's. that is cool. how many other pro-ballers are taking care of their alma maters the way LBJ is/has? he made it happen, with or without Nike's help.
Didn't pay for ****, got paid to make the apperance, Melo donated millions of his own $$$ (not nike $$$) to Syracuse for new athlitic facilities and if I had the time to research I'm sure there are plenty of players not making "top dollar" that give back. Like Ron Ron for instance selling his championship ring to give back and he makes no where near the $$$ as LeBron. You can praise him as much as you want and I can't dispute the guys talent as a basketball player, but when it comes to role model status or humanitarian I'd go with many other players before this clown. Also to set the record straight, I'm not trying to argue with you, I just can't stand LeBron. Thanks and I hope you can understand where I'm comming from.

PS remember that big bycycle give away LeBron did a couple your back in Acron? Well he took credit for that one as well and all those bikes were donated by huffy and others, again not one cent of the hero's $$$ went into the efforts.


Dwayne didnt roule out opting final year in Miami without Wade James will not win any more title i dont know about Bosh.

he will earn alot more if he will join into NFL after 35 years old? NFL is just one game per week but this is main sport for USA mostly.