Linsanity Rule could ease all our off season concerns!


Every team needs at least a dominant 2 players. You can't have a winning team with a bunch of role player talent (sans Harden).

No, you don't build a business around one employee but the CEO is the guy that will take charge in growing the business. Can't have a successful business without a business savy CEO.

How about a crew of GELLIN role-players that co-exist so well they become a lineup of Star-Role-Players.... The 2004 Championship Pistons or the Seattle Super Sonics aka the young OKC Thunder.


u been watching the Denver Nuggets after they rid themselves of Iso-Melo.....
Denver 38-28 season record compared to our Lin-Sanity 36-30 season record.

Denver may have a nice group of players but theyll never be a true contender for a championship in the west with that current roster.
I can't thank Jeffrey Kessler and @TheNBPA enough for all the work they have put into this Birds Rights case. A decision in about 2 weeks.

-steve novaks twitter

Looks like we won't be hearing about it for a little while more