Marc Gasol wins defensive player of the year


Last international player to win this award since 2001, Mutumbo won it and becomes the 3rd international player to win it next to Hakeem and Mutumbo, the first European player to win the award.


He won a DPOY in his 5th season (Came to the NBA at a late age of 24 years old)

Here are a couple things you may not know about Marc

Gasol shoots 85% from the FT.
Gasol averages 4 assist per game at the center position
His nickname in Tennessee(where he lived part of his teenage life) was the Big Burrito

Memphis surrendered a league-low 88.7 points per game. According to, Gasol's +5.4 score differential ranked second among the league's centers. The Grizzlies also had a +7.5 score differential when Gasol was playing versus -3.9 when he was on the bench.

Personally, Ibaka and Sanders have been monsters on the defensive side...Duncan deserves some love, but Gasol has played the most minutes and playing time over these guys and has been the most consistent of all of them.

Gasol is entering his prime and now I ask you guys, where do you rank Gasol amongst elite NBA players?

Heres my list

Tier 1
1. LeBron (97+)

Tier 2
2. Paul(94)
3. Anthony (93)
4. Durant (93)
5. Bryant (92)
6. Wade(91)

Tier 3
7. Curry (88)
8. Westbrook (89)
9. Duncan (88)
10. Horford (87)
11. Gasol (88)
12. Howard (88)
13. Harden (88)

14. Aldridge (86)
15. Wall (85)
16. Parker (85)
17. Williams(85)
18. Noah (84)
19. Smith (84)
20. George (82)

These ratings obviously change when Love/Rondo/Rose come back into the picture.


he is good indeed but Ibaka should won it this guy is simply bloking machine anyway for me some1 who can shoot trees and have ZO level of blocks is really D


Just looked at the voting results, he ran away with it. Beat Lebron and Ibaka by substantial margin. He's a good defender but playing on a great defensive team does not make you the DPOY.

Saw Ibaka against Houston yesterday, he's a beast and I never saw Gasol play like that.

I guess the writers didn't give it to Lebron either because he's going to win the MVP.