Mike Fratello basically said that - 'The Heat gave the Knicks the opener'.


on the net vs heat game tonight ian eagle said that the heat got humbled by the knicks, but fratello then had to stop him to say the heat didn't want to be there because of the storm. jeez, the knicks get no respect.

also no net announcer should mention the word knick unless they're calling a knick game. lol
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I heard him but ironically the exact same way their playing vs Nets they're playing against us so its a moot point


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I've never heard of any guy named Mike Fratello which means I don't give a flying **** what he said. Next!


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The YES network must pay the nets commentators to be massively homerish. I actually had quite a bit of respect for Mike Fratello, but I hate any commentator that's so bias for the team they call games for (Cavs, Hornets, now the Nets, etc).

So while I did/do have some respect for the guy, that doesn't mean I have to listen to a word he says.

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Mike Fratello is dumb. He also down played Shump when we drafted on The NBA Draft special. He questioned could he defend at the Pro Level! Of course he said Marshon Brooks was a steal of the Draft...only one was an All NBA Rookie 1st teamer.

He's bitter because he wanted to be Knicks coach and the Knicks went and hired Lenny Wilkens.

Comments like that show why he's not coaching anywhere. The Heat want to win a title again they are not giving games away for any reason.

Now you can say the emotion of The City projected The Knicks to play at a very high level which caught Mia could not match...that's a little more realistic.

If The Heat had sat Lebron and DWade then you could say that...but Lebron and Wade played 37 and 35 minutes and Bosh played 27...they didnt pull their Big 3 until the 4 minute mark left in the game. Sounds like Spolestra was trying to win

The Nets spent all off season talking trash about being the best team in NY (mind you The Knicks never responded) and now its time to back it up and all they have is home victory against The Raptors and two embarassing losses back to back.

I guess they gave that game to Minny because they felt sorry for Love and Rubio being out and they wanted to encourage The Wolves by giving them a victory! And I guess because Miami gave The Knicks a victory they wanted to return the favor.

Stay away from the "YES Men" their ignorance is contagious.

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Now that I think of it...this is a good thing!

The Knicks need these sorts of things said to keep us hungry. I don't want us beating Mia to get to our heads...so this could just keep us focused!


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Didn't Chandler say he felt the game shouldn't have been played also? So it wasn't only Wade and the Heat that felt that way so the argument can be made the Knicks didn't want to be there either.


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I actually like Mike Fratello but I have to disagree with him here...The Heat dont give away games. Those dudes just about always come to play and of course they're fully aware that we were eliminated by them last year in the 1st round and revenge is most likely the first thing on our mind. They knew we were coming to play is what im saying, i have a hard time believing they didnt wanna spoil our home opener even with the circumstances. Regardless of what NY fans have been through, from the Heats perspective its all entertainment even if they win. Knicks fans dont root for other players/teams against us but we do appreciate some of the performances players like Kobe Bryant have put on in the past.


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Figures all these reports and ignorant statements will surface once the Knicks start playing well and like they should. We lose, were bad and an old team. We win convincingly, we were given the game. Sure people. No.1 ranked defense and the lone undefeated team in the leagire, and won every game by double digits; kiss my ass haters.


What has Mike Fratello done throughout his coaching career to give such a dumb opinion? He must still have resentment against the Knicks for how his teams were eliminated by them in the playoffs.

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Just thought I would re-open this thread...if I could stomach the Mavs and Suns I would watch this whole game to get his opinion on this win!