Mitchell Robinson done for the season


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Looks like the ghost of Embiid got to him eventually. This is just horrible news though I was expecting Mitch not to last throughout the playoffs..
Now it's up to Thibs to adjust the rotation. Will we see Sims getting some playtime, will Achiuwa play 20-30 minutes per game? Or will Thibs stay on a 7 man rotation with sporadic minutes for Deuce and Achiuwa?

The Dragon

Will we see Sims rising to the occasion and filling the gap with Achiuwa?
I guess it is a bless in disguise, Mitch is great, but he was a shadow of himself recently, I guess he rushed his rehab.... a healthy Achiuwa is better than injured Mitch in my opinion


Big Props for Mitch Robinson !!!
Mitch is forcing our short rotation HC Thibs to give Precious Achuwa some playing-time minutes in the postseason games for Precious FA resume in the offseason.
Mitch is having his ankle-injury reset for the next few weeks, and will miss the rest of the Knicks vs Pacers series.