My Last Words.............


listen guys i know i did some dumb things and im sorry. so far it looks like im going to be banned. i just wanted to say thanks to Rady, WiL8000, AJD and ONLY THE KNIKCS and every one else for makeing my experience here at knicksonline the best. you guys have been the best
and i am going to miss posting here. so i just wanted to say thank you everyone and good luck in your lifes. i wish the best for all of you.

go knicks :gony:


Rotation player
Wow, I'm surprised at your change of attitudes towards JJtheKnick. However I do agree with both of you. JJ should be allowed to stay in my opinion. "Hey JJ, those words between you and I awhile back don't mean a thing bro." You really do enjoy this site, like many of us, and it would be stupid to deny someone who is really trying to clean up his posts and speak his mind.


I personally don't know the guy but if he is a True Knicks Fan he deserves a place to come and join the rest of his people.