N.O. Trade for Hawks Murray:

This one of many trades that I suggested to make the Knicks a Championship team.
The Pelican get a very good #1 option SG for not much at all.
The on the other hand sent four 1st round picks for a Bridges who doesn’t have Murray credentials or pedigree. Why??
For of you talking up what a great job Rose and Thib’s are doing you need to think twice.
The Pelicans still have Ingram and may decide to keep him.
My thoughts are we could have trade for Murray and Ingram for the price of Bridges.

Now for those you that think the Knicks are EC finalists team. Think about it Murray and Ingram in the lineup instead of Bridges. Which one would you want??


Which one would you want ???
Murray of course !!!

Oh yeah, the Knicks are not gonna win a CHIP under Tibbs tired coaching style !!!

Plus the Knicks had the chance to visit the ECF in each of the Knicks previous 3 playoff seasons.
The Knicks had the winning players in each of the 3 seasons, but we didn't have the coaching staff and HC to take us there.
When assistant coach Mike Woodson quit the Knicks (2020-21) a couple of games before the regular season ended, being the 3rd seed team in the EAST>
A Red Flag went up after winning a MIP and COY award,
Then HC Tibbs have a 1-4 playoff series against a (Hawks) team coach Mike Woodson 10 man rotation went 4-0 against in the regular season games.
Tibbs was clueless on how to chop-down Woodson's winning 10 man rotation
into Tibbs career 8-Man rotation.
Tibbs 8 man rotation went 0-3 vs Hawks.

The 2022-23 Knicks invested in GM Jalen Brunson to get the Knicks a few co-existing players ..
SG (Donte), SF (Mikal), and 6th man (Hart), plus a quiet dynamic assistant coach Rick Brunson.
Yes, Brunson's plans got rid of RJ Barrett, Quickley, Grimes, Toppin, Fournier, and Cam Reddish for four Villanova championship players. And Murray and Ingram were not in Brunson's plans.
Who's Team ???


The Pelicans need Murray's combo-guard skills alongside McCollum combo-guard skills to co-exist on offense/defense for the Pelicans to be a .500 season team, bc Ingram & Zion are injury-prone every season.
Pelicans need to improve their coaching-staff to create a couple of consistent role-players off the bench next season.
Murray/McCollum/Ingram/Zion/6.11 rookie Missi

Paul George signs with 76ers, threatens Knicks’ title odds with Joel Embiid, Tyrese Maxey
NY Daily News (Kristian Winfield) — The East just got tougher. Nine-time All-Star and six-time All-NBA forward Paul George is leaving the Los Angeles Clippers to sign a four-year, $212 million deal with the Philadelphia 76ers...

Chris Paul had a great talk with Spurs coach Gregg Popovich and was sold on the culture and opportunity to help elevate the game of Victor Wembanyama.
CP is eager and motivated to showcase he’s still an elite guard in this league.
The HOF Player-Coach Chris Paul and the creative young-core lineup ....
CP3/6.6 rookie Castle/Vassell/Sochan/WEMBY
We have talked about the Knicks strategy for success.
The knowledgeable BB people aren’t in full control of the organization. The draft and the FA signings or non-signings are good signs.

What this looks like is another situation similar to that of RJ situation. It took over 5 years for the organization to admit they made a mistake. Now with this Nova experiment it going to be another 5 years to admit this mistake.

Draymon Green ( not that he is an authority) said it was a mistake in getting Bridges and it will take a couple years with that experiment and the Knicks will rebuild.


Well, the Knicks top recruiter the past 2 seasons award goes to GM Jalen Brunson.
The Knicks Nova Cap next season will be close to $75M.
What's next season NBA Cap?
Jalen Brunson recruited Mikal Bridges for the Knicks.
Leon Rose's brother recruited OG Anunoby for the Knicks.

Which player would you select to replace RJ Barrett's starter position role on the Knicks?
or OG?
So far, I only see 8 players on the Knicks roster that our HC Tibbs are going to give playing time to this season.
We will only have 1 center and 1 PF in coach Tibbs rotation throughout a 82 game season.

The Dallas Mavs gave up three 2nd round picks plus Tim Hardaway Jr. to the Detroit Pistons for scrappy Grimes defense in side Mavs dynamic rotation.
Starters .. Kyrie, Klay, Luca, PJ, and Gafford