NBA is testing a $0.99 option to watch the fourth quarter of a live game


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The NBA has a plethora of streaming options for basketball fans. If you want the whole season-long, league-wide package, there’s League Pass. But NBA Digital (a joint effort between the league and Turner) has also broken out additional offerings that cost less money, like team-specific subscriptions and the option to pay for individual games. Now the NBA is testing another, obvious-when-you-think-about-it idea: letting fans watch the 4th quarter of a live, in-progress game for just 99 cents.

On Twitter, Vasu Kulkarni shared a screenshot of a notification sent by the NBA app. For less than a buck, he could hop in and stream the end of a game between the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder. The Verge has reached out to NBA Digital for more specifics on how many fans are being presented with this option. I haven’t seen other screenshots or instances of it, and it’s very possible that the price could change as the NBA tries to find a sweet spot. 99 cents seems like a good one, though. Presumably the usual annoyances with these things (i.e. blackouts for local teams) also apply here.


One thing about the NBA is they'll try anything to make a buck. I thought that off season award show was a disaster, I wonder if they bring it back.