NBA Playoffs - 2014

I'm starting this thread here, even though I'm fairly certain that almost no one else uses this forum, because the 2014 NBA playoffs are definitely NOT a NY Knicks topic.

We're about a quarter and a half into the first game, Nets vs Raptors in Toronto, and I have to say that both the Heat and Pacers need to get it together and make it to the Eastern Conference finals if we are going to have any kind of series worth watching. Only other Eastern team in the playoffs with a shot of being interesting is probably the Bulls, mainly thanks to the coaching genius of Thibs.

Both the Nets and Raptors look okay on paper to start the game, but once things start going, both these teams play ugly with a capital U. Neither of these teams could hang with even the bottom seed teams in the West in my opinion. That said, I think the Nets will win this series, mainly based on JJ and Pierce, but Toronto could make it a series if just one or two of their guys get hot.
Halftime in Toronto for Game 1. Terrible first half from the Raptors, but they are getting a ton of calls and have kept it close. This game got very chippy, very early, which may make for an interesting series if things continue like this, especially with notorious instigators like Garnett in the mix.
Hawks and Raptors both get 2 chances to win one game to join Wizards and Heat in the 2nd round. Seriously, we are a couple adjustments away from playing the Heat in next year's Eastern Conference finals. The East is just that wide open from here on out.