NETS are back on track?


check their last games

they beat OKC @ their floor az buzzer
now they break streaky GSW with Curry and Thomson streaking killers for 3

i got no question if they but Heat @ their own floor

whats changed in this team that they are started to winning games vs elite team.

20.1 is NETS @ KNICKS


I don't care who they beat as long as we keep winning...its all we can do. The Nets have a complete team, so injuries aren't as major as our team. Their biggest weakness to my knowledge is backup PG


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The Nets GM wasted no time getting the league to aprove a replacement for Lopez injury, the Nets are able to spend $5M for a one yr contract for the rest of the season.


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Gotta give the Nets their props, they've been playing good. They are my least favorite team in the league but I can't front. AK47 has been ballin. Its still hard to predict where they'll be when the seasons over with an injury prone and old team.
Both Knicks and Nets have really righted their respective ships at this point. With still more than half the season to play, we could easily end up as the 4th and 5th seeds in the East by the time the season is over if the trends of the last couple weeks continue.


Nets vs Raptors was a great game to watch but a sorry 104-103 LOSS at home for Brooklyn.
Franchise player Deron Williams is not a 4th quarter crunchtime player ..
Damn! I understand now Sloan

The Nets were on a 5 game win streak, winning 10 out of their last 11 games.
It wouldve been nice to be 11-1 in 2014


Maybe they're better without Lopez? Anytime you can beat the Heat is a good win but a double OT victory is sweet.

I think eventually they're going to need Lopez, but a healthy Lopez. He's been getting injured every seasoned and it's affecting him as an all around center.