New York Knicks @ San Antonio Spurs 1/2/2014 8:30PM


All Star
STAT is too soft under the basket. He used to dunk the **** out the ball but now he can't even lay it in. :boohoo:
Huge shot by Shump and then what we do let happen, we let the one guy on their team who came to play tonight, who is having a career night, get an open shot.
This game reminds me why we have all been so high on Shump since he came into the league. This kid can be a superstar if he played for a different coach on a different team. The kid is athletic and clutch.
Finally, Belinelli misses something, a long contested three. Nice play by JR to corral the rebound. We can do this!
Clutch free throws by Melo. Admit it Knicks fans, up by 4 with 7 seconds to go, you still think we're going to blow this one. This friggin season, it's like we're under the monkey paw curse.