New York Knicks vs Charlotte Bobcats 1/24/2014 7:30PM


So this will be his mindset no matter who he's facing going forward? He played tons of ISO last night and it worked but more often than not it hasn't. If this will be his mindset for the rest of the season we're toast.

Melo only knows one way.........I think he is a pretty humble guy......In the papers when asked does it bother him what people say his answer was " of course it does " .

The Knicks before the game the team was at such a low. We all know the reasons so need to get into it.
Sometimes you need something to ignite the fire and make a team feel that they are just that a team . Melo spoke about how he loved how excited his teammates were and his teammates how excited they were for Melo. In the end they are all doing battle together and sometimes u need something really spectacular or terrible to unify a team . Melo with all the crap is not arrogant.

All we can hope is that this opens the eyes of the Knicks players and more importantly WOODSON. He now has a golden opportunity to lose his arrogance and correct the obvious mistakes to everyone.

I guess we will see tomorrow night....Lets hope an unknown Laker does not have a career night.

and lets hope JR is not jealous and tries to break Melo's record.


No I'm not...all I'm saying has your expectations concerning him grown?

As fas as the season goes there is equal share of blame throughout this organization....owner down to each individual player.

The problem exist when posters like you try to pluck the Melo kernel out of the stalk of blame wanting to pitch the rest of the husk into the fire. Sorry this will never fly for me.

If Melo was paid more like a 2nd-3rd tier star and embraced such a role, then maybe it's viable considering moving forward with him. He'd have to commit to being sick and tired of losing before the season starts and become more of a bridge between his teammates. Be proactive instead of reactive, learn how to be a leader outside of scoring the basketball, learn how to properly deal with personal situations and the media. Doing these things makes everyone else fall in line, as they have a given responsibility too.

There will be times we need Melo to go ape, but there are many other times we need him masquerade his strength as a weakness in efforts to make others weaknesses stronger. Pretty much what Anthony Davis said should be his approach going forward. Everyone and their mom knows Melo can score...

Like Mase said...."Please Tell/Me or in this case Show Me...Something I Didn't/Don't Know"

What in the hell are you talking about?

I see Melo out there with sub-par PG play, and a lot of the sets are broken from the get-go, because Felton is over dribbling the majority of the time, and Woody doesn't want Melo in the PnR because he feels it's too easy for the opponent to switch it. So he'd rather have a 15 PnR to try to keep the other team from switching, and just has Melo on the wing. Melo isn't buried in the corner like in MDA's offense, but he's also not in position to do anything off of a 15 PnR because he's in a spot on the court where it's too easy to bring extra help off of Tyson. Can't throw lobs all game, can't rely on Tyson in the post, can't have Felton shooting too it leads to getting the ball to Melo, iso'd on the wing...where Woody would rather have him.

If Melo were to do anything else, he's breaking the offense...which he should. He needed to be in more PnR with STAT, last year. He needed to be in more PnR with Bargs this much of that did we see?

Lets talk basketball bro. Quit this Screamin' A Smith, "I'm gonna say a whole healthy helping of not a god damn thing."