New York Knicks vs Chicago Bulls 12/11/2013 8:00PM


I'm mainly just joking around that with Stat's first big game that we should trade his contract. I love Stat. I've always preferred the Stat version of this team to the Melo version of this team.

K-Mart 19 minutes in the half held the Bulls to 34 points .... All Leadership Player.

u cool .. HTR-10 .. its just me n Lady bought two Stat Jersey in 2010, and everytime we go to the Garden, Woody have a million reasons why he aint giving our other $100M player any decent playingtime, or why Stat is DNP.
"Karma" is biting at Woodson back now.
Really awful series of bonehead plays to close out the quarter, but other than showing some good hustle from Hinrich and Dunleay, these guys look completely outmatched by us. I like to see that fire from Amare as well, getting angry at himself instead of crying to the refs or hanging his head like a lot of the other guys do. Let's close these bums out.
You assign Thibodeau 10 random players before each game and he will design a strategy that will give them a chance to win.