New York Knicks vs Detroit Pistons 1/7/2014 7:30PM

Woodson's got an entire lineup out there who have barely tried to put any effort into the first 4 minutes of the half. Any other coach would bring 5 guys in from the bench and keep making subs until he finds someone who wants to play.
It wasn't pretty, but big time effort from Felton out of the timeout. He setup KMart on the pick and roll alley-oop and then found Melo open twice in a row for threes. We're back in control of this game, but can we sustain it?


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Great shooting MELO! Gotta take this one! We really need to stop losing to other EC teams

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The third quarter success continues and now we're up by 11. With 5 minutes left to go in the third, now would be a good time to rest Melo, KMart, and Felton so that they are not sucking wind when we need them in the 4th.
The Pistons are looking like the old us on offense and our defense has suddenly sparked us to a 17 point lead. Amazing 5 minute stretch for us.
Fantastic 3rd quarter, but this game is far from over. Too many times have we seen Woodson over play our top guys in the 3rd, leaving them lame for the 4th.
Couple nice plays by Murry to restore some breathing room. Woodson needs to figure out how to keep getting this kid regular rotation time when Prigs comes back.
Detroit doing nothing special to have gotten back into this game, we've, once again, just stopped making plays.
Detroit has outscored us by 12 so far in the 4th by doing nothing in particular all that well. Unbelievable.
Huge contested three by Melo followed by a big block by KMart. This team wants this one, but they just don't quite know how to make it happen.
How many more times do we have to watch this happen. Woodson overplays our top guys in the 3rd and all we do is suck wind in the 4th. You can practically set your watch by it happening at this point. Pistons now have the chance to tie/take the lead.
I wonder if they hadn't called that foul how many more offensive boards Detroit would have gotten. Ten, twenty? Our team couldn't close out a Blockbuster location at this point.