New York Knicks vs Miami Heat 1/9/2014 8:00PM

Both teams turned it up that quarter and not only did we hold serve, but we thrived. Great effort by our guys so far. Let's go Knicks!
I love Lebron doing all that talking to Wade on that last turnover to try to explain how Wade didn't do what he thought he was going to do and Wade basically looks like he is saying "****ty pass dude"
Going into this 5-game stretch, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Detroit, and Miami, most people predicted us going 0-5 or at best 1-4, instead we go 4-1. Crazy!
Game ball goes to Woodson for standing his ground with JR. The team really came together tonight. I just hope Woodson will now make JR earn a role back in the rotation, otherwise he stays on the bench.


Damn! No delusional JR in the rotation .... we wouldve been on a 5 game win streak in the new year
Go Knicks