Porzingis with yet another crazy putback dunk, this time over 3 Raptors. Crazy. Also, Melo taking over in the 2nd quarter.
Not only did Melo score 17 points in the 2nd quarter, but he made it look easy. Leads the Knicks to an 8 point lead at the half.
We had this game under control and then completely fell apart in the back end of the 3rd quarter. Need to get it together in the 4th big time to win this game.


Grant Slash Galloway slash Qiunn jumper .. oh sh Quinn being taking out WTF
Gallo 3 Gallo to Early ... Galloway should get a RAISE if the Knicks win he been playing all game
Galloway continues to play on completely another level. Drains yet another 3 and then leads the fast break to setup an easy layup on the fast break. On the other side, Grant continues to drive into the paint in a way I haven't seen a Knicks guard do in a long time. This is definitely our starting backcourt of the future, but man, are they getting work done with the 2nd unit opportunity.
Robin Lopez with his 3rd block. It's not saying much, but probably his best game as a Knick. Fisher isn't crazy. He took Galloway out but puts him right back into the game late here in the 4th quarter. Still resting Porzingis though and playing Lance Thomas instead.
Lance Thomas with a beautiful fake and layup to put us up by 5 with less than 2 minutes to go. I want to see Porzingis out there, but I can't criticize the results Fisher is getting from this crunch time lineup of Lopez, Melo, Thomas, Calderon, and Galloway.
Porzingis gets his first 4th quarter playing time with 25 seconds to go and us up by 1. Big play for us here.
Refs miss a huge call in our favor. Don't see Melo step on the sideline and instead Thomas hits 2 free throws to get our lead back to 3 with 17 seconds to go. We should foul, but we won't.


Knicks absolutely robbed... Up 106-103 with 30 seconds left... Lowry picks up his dribble, pivot food slides 18 inches... Passes it to Johnson, who jumps and hops step then goes up for a layup... Two moving violations...

then, NYK get a huge break: Melo steps out of bounds... Not called... Then... Toronto coaches totally flipping out, yet no technical foul?
We foul DeRozan with 11 seconds to go, but only because he was driving to the hoop. Robin Lopez fouls out after a nice game of actually doing what he is supposed to do and playing intimidator in the middle. It is a luxury to be able to replace Lopez with O'Quinn now.
Ugh, we mess up. Missed free throw, but off us out of bounds. Raptors ball down 2 with 10 seconds to go. Darn.
Wow, DeRozan layup hits every part of the rim before rolling out. Thomas secures the contested rebound and then ices it down the other end with free throws getting the lead back up to 4 with 3.7 seconds to go. Unexpected game ball goes to Thomas here.