Not many users ANYWHERE!

Only The Knicks

I know how here, people say, "We don't have a lot of users", but no matter what you guys say, neither does NYKFanpage. I have been looking at both sites now and I noticed that yeah, the most users that have ever been on this site at one time is like, 12, and at NYKFanpage it's 56. Still, I made a Username at NYKFanpage not long ago, and guess what the name was! I'll tell you what it was, it was: Knicks
That's all... just, Knicks. AFTER ALL OF THAT, NO ONE HAD KNICKS???? I was shocked to see that it was there... but it isn't anymore... Anyway, this site is still much better!!!!!


You are so funny. I think both sites do a great service to their members. Why think one is better than the other? It's great that the Knicks have so many fans.