The offseason starts when the Knicks are out of the playoffs.....we are still in the playoffs with a peremeter shooter name Novak, who skills could keep us in the series with a win in Miami.
Novak can hit shots while under pressure.

The big question of this post lies in our last 4 games with Novak's (total) fga being 11....Why? and what could we do to change that.
The only player calling plays for Novak are Tyson or Jefferies....anytime Lebron or D.Wade are on the bench we should imediately put Jefferies & Novak on the court.

Lebron & D.Wade has put more energy and pressure on defending Novak than Melo & JR....I have not seen Melo or JR draw the double-team to kick the ball out to Novak/Stat/Tyson.
How many times have we seen the stop of ball movement, to much dribbling, or just holding the ball 6 seconds to long before dribbling or passin? This is the doing of Melo & JR throughout the series acting like they want to pass the ball.


To sign a possible 1 year deal worth a million or a 3 year deal worth 9 million does not make you money hungry it makes you smart. The guy is married with a kid and if he can secure some financial security he would be a fool not to do it.
you have a point there, i forgot he had a wife and kids... he is 28 entering his prime. I just cant see him leaving the knicks :boohoo:, i hope grunwald finds some kind of way to keep him. LIN/NOVAK are the 2 guys id like to see remain on the knicks... JR as well but i have a feeling he is gone.


Novak isn't the same player without a good point guard on the floor...... When the Knicks lost Lin, they lost Novak too.


i dont think we'll lose novak..if we do its not too big of a deal.. hes horrific defensively, has stiff hips/is not athletic at all, and can only shoot from the high post/3s


Need more offball screens to get him open and a good PG. Come on we have JR running PG with Novak in, that doesn't work, JR was iso-contested jumper all day. Novak's D and rebounding hadn't been any worse than Amare's. He's never going to be great at either and sure a bit of a liability but he's not THAT bad at least it looks like he tries.

Anyway I agree some team will offer him more I'd be incredibly surprised if he stayed for less. Sucks he was becoming one of my favorite players but at this point I'm so used to players I like coming and going with this team