NY Post: NBA’s ‘L2M’ referee report does more harm than good


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It's true, there have been some instances of bad officiating not only during the playoffs but also throughout the season. Interestingly, the Knicks seem to have been favored slightly in terms of calls. Or have they?

Let's set aside the regular season, where we experienced one bad and one good call, and focus on what happened during the postseason:

  • The Knicks benefited from a favorable call in Game 2 of the first round.
  • The Sixers received a favorable call in Game 5 of the first round.

Both of these calls played a decisive role in the outcomes of the matchups. However, it's worth noting that these are only calls made during the final two minutes. Other calls that occurred earlier in the game were not taken into consideration. For instance, I would like to highlight Embiid's flagrant foul on Mitchell Robinson. As a result of that foul, Robinson missed one and a half games in the first round and only played one game in the second round before being ruled out for the remainder of the postseason.

What I'm curious about is how we should interpret these controversial calls made by the referees. It's one thing to analyze them as fans of a team that has advanced and currently leads 2-0 in the second round. However, I can also understand the frustration felt by fans of teams that have been eliminated or are trailing.

What are your thoughts?