NYK Trade Deadline Chatter


He’s of the belief that Phil Jax was a godsend to this organization, instead of the slumbering Trojan horse i predicted he would be back in the early 90s.
Ski, You are correct…
For this current F.O. trying to show how smart they are with there moves in F.A. and there failures in drafting.
There are those in this forum that think they know BB. They have been in the corner and behind F.O. 100%. But like Current F.O. they don’t talent and they damn show don’t know anything about how to win a championship or how to build a championship team.
We fans have had to suffer because of incompetent. You ever heard any of them talk about bringing in a Transformative Player in the last 4 years? It always wait until next year and they’re going to be a big difference. A lot of talk and no championship to back up anything.
To show you how much they know when have ever heard them mention championship??