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Melo is still behind 2011 Dirk, at now Nowitzki is just after injury so don't know what he can play in next few months, but last season he wasn't good as in 2011.
At present I would take James, if keep Melo I would take PF -> Kevin Love, we need great rebounder.


i will never ever take Kebron as most hated player with main reason of his complaining and he is Stern Puppet with travelling master and huge flapper.


have u ever saw his fastbreak without dunk ? no
but dont forget u can score hand injury with inproper dunk

Durant is now for me the best man u dont need muscles u need brain to play like him he is almost like Dirk just younger.

he is also the closer wich kebron will never be

that why i dont like MELO too much closing tries
team effort is priceless than one man show when u have victory


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Definitely Durant or CP3

If we added Durant, im not sure if he would play PF or Carmelo. But either way I think it'd work very well. Durants a good rebounder, very unselfish...I mean the guy even lets Westbrick take more shots then him.

Chris Paul is one of the GOAT point guards. I love everything about his game, where would the Clippers be without him? I'd say somewhere between 6th and 8th in my opinion
Our rebounding is mainly an issue when Melo and JR shots aren?t falling consistently. They shoot a lot of jumpers... which in most cases create long rebounds and fast break opportunities for the opposition. More ball movement should remedy this; it will get everyone involved and create better shots. When you shoot too many long balls the rebounding will become an issue?even if you have a K. Love on your team.

I think adding more scoring to the team (in the PF position) would be better simply because the added bigman will create more shot selections, therefore less rebounds due to making easier baskets. Plus, Durant/Lebron not only adds offense...they add height, spreads the defense, plus adds defense and rebounding.