OT: did anyone else make up basketball stats and write them down like on a basketball


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like on a basketball card and then you would put the plastic hoop on top of the door and act out the stats that you wrote? I would have story lines with the made-up stats and then I would play the scenarios out with the door-frame hoop, that's how I would practice moves which I then translated to the park.


Was lucky to grow up in an area with a few courts around and also got a portable 10' basketball net for my 13th birthday. I know that my friends and I were more into re-enacting big moments from games we watched the night before. I still remeber jordan hitting that 3 against the jazz like it was yesterday cause the next day we all went out and jacked 3s for hours going "3..2...1... (AHHHH the crowd goes crazy!!)"

I'd also try to mimic my favorite players moves. I was a Ewing fan so i took a good few 10' jumpers and worked on my passing... Later (high school) I tried to emulate Tim Duncan's offensive game and used the glass a lot and worked hard on getting good at rebounding. It was fun to pretend when i was a kid. Now I watch my own stats in the mens league I play in and see if I can be effective or find parallels to players in the league. I'm more like a Marcus Camby it seems. I don't get a lot of points but I rack up rebounds and I expend more energy on the defensive end of the floor. Trying to be more Ewing then Camby this season though.


I used the classroom garbage can as my hoop, ripped some paper out my notebook book, balled it up and had shoot outs in the class room while the teacher had her backed turned and wrote on the board.

(sometimes we got detention if we got caught which happened alot lol) but after detention we would go to the basketball court and think we were the s*it on the court trying to mimic real basketball moves etc etc.

I live in New York so i mean there's a basketball court on every corner basically.

That's pretty kool though writing your basketball stats on your basketball card and balling with the basketball hoop toy on the door, i had one when i was little unfortunately it never lasted long because i hopped on my bed and dunked the sh*t out it and broke it and that was that lol.
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