Our Knicks are the NBA's most valuable basketball team


The New York Knicks are the league’s most valuable team, worth $1.1 billion, reclaiming the crown from the Los Angeles Lakers, who topped last year’s list. The Knicks’ value rose 41%, mainly due to a $980 million renovation of Madison Square Garden that is expected to be completed this summer. The makeover resulted in an NBA-leading $243 million in revenue last season. The Knicks’ operating income of $83 million was the highest in the league for a third straight year. Another plus: better play. In 2012, the Knicks won a playoff game for the first time since 2001. Forbes

The average NBA team is worth $509 million, a 30% increase over last year



Kinda cool and fancy, I hope our knicks this year live up to this value as a team, we need a really good playoff run, heck, why not a championship?



Where does rank with all sports franchises in the world?

Manchested United
Dallas Cowboys
AC Milan
LA Dodgers
Real Madrid
NY Mets
NE Patriots


Man united: $2.23 billion

Real Madrid: $1.88 billion

NY Yankees: $1.85 billion

Dallas cowboys: $1.85 billion

The knicks are down there, but still they are the top of the NBA teams this year


Well NY is the place to be for basektball. Not LA like some think. When we are even possibly good we are worth more then any other team. If we win a few championships in a decade then we would be worth a huge amount. When the Knicks are good we are best for basketball and the NBA. I bet the NBA wished the Knicks were winning a lot more. They would be a lot richer.
Amazing thing is imagine if NY didnt have two teams for each sport. The Yankees would be worth maybe $3+ billion if the mets arent around. While those soccer teams got entire countries representing them. We got partial parts of cities. Put another football team in Dallas and that number goes down for the cowboys. But the Yankees are the truthful most valuable team in the world. When we won in 09 we were the most valuable even on this list.