Pieces are there - Reminder, remember this?


I'm posting this here, because I still agree that the pieces are there,
and, I think the Knicks have come along way as a team.

Not perfect, but getting there! And, I'm so thrilled to be witnessing
their growth as a team. :thumbsup:


New New York

Quiet Storm
Not pictured is some of the best one on one Defense I have ever seen played courtesy of my favorite Knick Iman Shump!



Watch how many guys are going for the offensive rebound.

Movement, Ball-spacing, and the PASSION and HEART.

So don't lose hope. They just need to find their way back to the team they were in February.

u are right and u are wrong....the pieces are there but they are not there.
What I mean is....each of the headcoach many lineups must have at least three-players that co-exist on both ends of the court....for this playoff run.

In February we all seen "Tyson Chandler, Jefferies, and Fields" do practically anything & everything to watch Lin-Sanity back 110% on both ends of the court giving Lin the extra confidence he needed from his teammates to be free....when we put Novak into that lineup, and Novak received the same type of welcome from the trio of teammates (above) as Lin....the confidence level of that lineup was to damn high for failure....rookie Shump & Walker changed their silly decision-making to be apart of that lineup. Shiiit! the lineup looked so well Baron Davis healed up in a weeks time.

So far it looks like Shump & Smith are working at becoming a nice guard-tandem....we will see how well they progress through the next couple of games.