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Fair ejection?

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Ric Bucher ‏@RicBucher
NBA news: Rasheed Wallace working out at NYK practice facility w/Camby and Kurt Thomas. Knicks' considering.

Love it :gony:
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Ric Bucher ‏@RicBucher
NBA news: Rasheed Wallace working out at NYK practice facility w/Camby and Kurt Thomas. Knicks' considering.

Love it :gony:

this wouldn't surprise me, considering the current wheelchair brigade.


:peace: Bring on the techs

Rasheed + New York = Perfect marriage, the garden would be rocking off his energy alone.

Wallace is pretty old though and hasn't played in what 2-3 years, i wonder what he has left in the tank... cant be much at this stage in his career, but if he's still mobile and can dish out a few minutes off the bench i wouldn't mind signing him. I always loved how he didn't take no $hit on the court. He had some of the best interviews as well, Walked with swagg and talked with confidence

Possible Knicks retirement home lineup


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Rob Low

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This is getting out of hand, im all for adding veterans but enough is enough. What could Sheed possibly add at this point?


Sheed ain't coming. This s**t went on with Sean Kemp every year about him playing with some NBA ballers and coming out of retirement.

Only dude who quit and stayed retired was Spree and he really needed the money.


****!!! I would LOVE Rasheed on this team! You can see from the vid that he still has passion for playing basketball... and talking trash lol

That jumper is gonna be money, I remember his last season as a Celtic and they reached the Finals with him being a key contributor off the bench. He still had a lot of game left after that series and I was shocked when he opted to retire.

Grunwald get this man a contract. RIGHT. NOW.


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I was a huge fan of Sheed's toughness and game just as much as the next dude but in that video he's doing a **** load of basket hanging. I mean those aren't even NBA guys making him work. But I guess the more bodies you have the more security you have against injuries which we are def gonna run into with all these older bodies.

This team is gonna really have to control the pace of most games and keep it pretty slow. If other teams try to go small and run on us we still have good lineups for that.


You can plug in Brewer and Novak in there. Maybe Copeland and James White if they make the team should be better in the open court rather then half.

Kurt, Camby and Sheed would all have to sit but come playoff time when real ball is played and refs let more **** slide we'll be ready. Our team is built for the playoffs right now rather then regular season. I like that.

Ps. Sheed, Kurt, Camby and Chandler are all good passing big men. Thats big. You can attack so many ways and turn Melo into a slasher/finisher.

October isn't coming soon enough.
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New New York

Quiet Storm
I have co-signed every off season move thus far Grunwald has done as fine a job as anyone

But....this is not a smart move (if it happens).

It's not just age (I love Kidd and Camby) but Rasheed has missed 2 years on top of his age....plus his game was falling off last he played

If we can't get KMart I'd rather Birdman


idk this feels more like he was working out with some friends and the rumor started. if anything maybe the knicks ask him to stay to help train/workout with the other bigs leading up to camp. Right now LJ, and the dream are there. Imagine LJ, The Dream, and Rasheed Wallace helping mold Amare's game for the next few years... as crazy as it sounds it goes along with what the knicks have tried to do by bringing mentors in for their investment players.

A lot of people aren't paying attention to the knicks or the fact that they are working out a month before they have too. I think they are going to surprise a lot of teams this year when they finally put it together.