Raymond Felton's wife filed for divorce


He's having a tough season all around. His wife of 19 months filed for divorce in NYC. She is pretty cute too bad.

Ariane and Raymond dated for a couple of years before they got married on July 28, 2012 in Wake Forest, NC. she filed for divorced on Tuesday, February 18, 2014 in Manhattan, the grounds for divorced has not been revealed.



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Ray Ray is not having a good year. I really feel bad for him on this one though. However, if we make him a backup then he will play pissed off and have a chip on his shoulder which is the only time he plays effectively. Just bench him, make Pablo starter.


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Fab snitched on Cupcake Felton @ 1:15

"And im'a take her in like a h0e shelter?
When there's a few n****s that I know killed her
Four celtics, Knick guard
You know Felton"


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Her maiden name is Raymondo lol...don't marry a guy name Raymond if your maiden name is Raymondo..GEICO 15 minutes can save you 15% or more......