Referees Favor Heat.


go to +- 2:45 remaining 2nd q hawks @ heat

and watch this


ref simply helped Mario kicking ball from out to inbound that helped heat to score 3

this is proof how ref helping heat again :machinegun:
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Why didnt the official make them inbound? or atleast call a jump ball or something?



and its happend again @ Orlando

just tune to 4th quarter and just hear refs commentary what they saying

4 events refs wanted to prevent heat 3rd straight loss

1 Lebron travelled [ hes very known for that] and then flapped but refs gave him FT

2. OT Wade made interference without any contact but refs gave him FT

3.most ****ty total Bron put ball on court and ball was simply pending +-15 seconds but there is rule 8 secs violation no reactions for refs

4. Wade stole ball but some1 from Magic hit Allen and he falls down
no reactions for refs and Wade almost travelled before dunk

ESPN also says about how many minutes took before single foul on Lebron

OT in this game was played only by Wade/Lebron other was out of action

this is sick in NY we see techs foulded outs and ejections.


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Refs giving the Thunder a W right now. Denver makes a run, then OKC takes 5 free throws in a row. Rinse and repeat.

Here's why the Knicks will beat the Heat if the refs don't give them the series:



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Wow Scott Brooks is shouting at the referees right now, after this sequence of possessions for his team:

FT's - Goaltending - FT's - Miss - FT's - FT's - FT's - Miss

Of course he doesn't receive a technical...

Of course George Karl received a technical for getting annoyed after the false goaltending call.

Seriously pisses me off how much the refs lick Miami/OKC ass.


You will start talkin and thinking bout Chicago +- after all crap weekend Rose will b back to Bulls and they will be bigger threat with Indiania 4 Heat .

Pacers and Bulls are playing best D right now.

Knicks can win with them only with full squad and rain of threes.