Sage Steele Replaced on NBA Countdown


All Star
I guess I'm late to the party on this saga. Sage Steele is no longer going to be with Jalen Rose favor of Michelle Beadle. The only thing I knew about Sage was that she is married to a white dude whom she supports as he is a "stay at home dad." Hmmm. Well I guess she pissed black folks off as she supports "all lives matter" instead of "black lives matter" and followed that up with stating " the most racism she has experienced in her life has come from black people." Double hmmm. Now I have a good friend with a biracial daughter. The daughter has stated the sistas hate on her( she's cute with "good hair" and dates a brotha) but she didn't throw the whole black race under the bus like Sage Steele. Finally Sage showed her insensitive side getting mad about Trumps' Muslim ban only because it inconvenienced her travel plans. "Black twitter" is roasting Sage Steele relentlessly. Your thoughts