Spero Dedes


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His first season commentating Knicks games was very good. Let's give him props. He's a great addition to the announce team.

I used to wonder if if that was Alan Hahn commentating last season lol.


I much prefer Gus Johnson personally. Spero is just way too vanilla & boring to listen to. At least he's better than Mike Crispino, but I would take Mike Breen over him as well as much as I can't stand Mike Breen's constant whining & complaining about the Knicks' level of play whenever they're going through a rough stretch in the game.


I like Spero, his repartee with Clyde is getting better and better, and he's a good voice with a good sports mind, a welcome addition to the fold.

and SO MUCH BETTER than Kenny the Jet! blah!

better than Mike Breen? I dunno. better than Gus? I think not.


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I approve of dedes, he says some good points and calls a good game. I personally like him more than mike breen


Spero doesnt really bother me but I dont like him much either. I wish bernard and clyde would just do the games. I honestly want to beat up Breen. Dude loves lebron soo much hes a closet heat fan now, and does Knicks games. Makes me wanna hurl.