Spree still going hard.

21 Shump Street


  • Involved in Make-A-Wish Program and Starlight Foundation, and frequently greeted Make-A-Wish and Starlight youngsters at Knicks home games
  • Donated $100,000 to Madison Square Garden's Cheering for Children Foundation, the largest single donation in the Foundation's history
  • Donation was earmarked for uniforms and sports equipment for Bronx youngsters
  • Co-winner of "MetLife Community Assist of the Month" award for February 1999, as he and Dennis Scott participated as celebrity chefs at annual Sports Cookfest at Madison Square Garden to benefit the Garden's Cheering For Children Foundation and Phipps Community Development Corporation

Sprewell did alot for the poor, its a damn shame that hes viewed in such a negative light by most basketball fans. Any basketball player with ties to the hip hop culture never get the benefit of the doubt. Ask Sprewell, Carmelo, Starbury, Iverson, etc.

We saw how hard the media was on Carmelo last year and over the offseason, and there was no need for it. They've been much easier on Deron Williams, a player who went out of his way to make it clear he wants nothing to do with the stereotypes that come along with being affiliated with the hip hop culture. He once corrected a reporter saying his name is pronounced "Derin" as opposed to "Deron"
Great post, repped. This thread wasn't started to bash Spree, just sad to see all the negativity following him and some poor decisions not letting him catch a break. Was not aware of all the stuff Spree had done.