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Here it is, another great blog entry by Starks!
(...) 3 Defense

Full disclosure I hate math & numbers so naturally I?m not a big stats guy. I also think that it?s a bit too early to put much stock into some of the league stats that have been tabulated over the first four games of the season.

Still, the team defensive stats that the Knicks have put together deserve recognition. Did you know that Knick opponents are scoring the least amount per game at just 87.5? This isn?t the only category the Knicks are leading in. When it comes to offense the Knicks are actually ranked at third highest in the league at a Mike Dantoni-like 104.5. This is a 17 point differential which ranks as the largest disparity among all NBA teams.

This shows us that being a defensive minded team does not mean that offense suffers at all. Here is some more stats to make Knick fans salivate: The Knicks rank #1 in forced turnovers per game (18), #1 in lowest amount of opponent assists per game (17), and #1 in lowest opponent field goal percentage per game at .407%.

Can we attribute this all to Coach Woodson or is this something that comes from having a roster full of experienced players that know a thing or two about winning games? Either way the Garden has always loved defensive Knick teams and if the first few games of the season serve as any indication its that we are going to love watching this team.


This just shows what a terrible coach D`Antoni was. We`re scoring a similar amount of points as when Dumphoney was coach but we are playing absolute lockdown defense.

I have been reading that Dumbphoney is being interviewed by the Lakers. All I can say is that I feel sorry for Lakers fans if he gets the job.

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This has just as much to do with the roster make up as it does the coaching. But I do believe Woodson is the best coach for the crop we have. Finally having a roster to compliment our coaches system feels great. Plus he seems to have taken some notes on D'Antoni's offense and implements the parts he likes to, so far, great success.

Great find Rady, good to have someone who isn't obsessed with stats put a spin on it.