Thank you and good evening


Thanks to KO posters for the season that was.

Probably the most up and down, emotionally draining season I've been part of as a fan.

5 months of no Knicks will kill me, but I'm very interested to see what happens with this team on draft night.

Thank you, Rady, for all you've done again this season.

All the best.......

I'll be back very soon to debate the hate.



Yea, it was quite a season. It's been fun.

Gonna take a break from KO for a few weeks.

Enjoy the rest of the playoffs folks.

It's time to turn my attention to those Mets.


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Cant watch basketball for a while now, this is gonna be tough until the Finals is over

even though we have heated debates all you guys made this season as enjoyable as possible

brighter days ahead guys stay positive


★Melo Mafia★
Awesome time with everyone on the boards this season
A difference in opinion is needed!

Til next time ⑧s!


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What a season it was fellas... thanks and props to everyone for posting on KO throughout all those ups and downs, special thanks to rady for keeping this place alive and to everyone who was around during the lockout when KO seemed almost dead. Almost six months without my Knicks is going to be tough...


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At least we get summer league this year and potentially watching Melo and Chandler in the Olympics
Yeah I'll duck in here and there during the off season and draft night but my activity will probably gradually decline until the season starts up again. Its been one helluva year.. Tons of ups and downs. Hopefully we finally get a consistent season with many ups this coming year.

one love



It was a great posting year here guys, as i joined this forum the last year.

Probably one of the sickest Knicks season ever - i am 31 years old so i remember a few...

I will hang around just to see whats new with our beloved(most of the time) Knickerbockers.

So long and Fu*k the Heat :afro:


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Sorta like my main man Steph Marbury ill be in and outta here during the off season, ill probably be around for the rest of the playoffs and the draft.

It was a fun and exciting season with more ups and downs then a roller coaster. Its always fun posting here, Rady i think you got yourself one of the best forums for any sports team. The posters here help make this site what it is too, we got a good group here and Im happy to see how much this site has grown. To those that will be gone for the summer, ill see you's next season
Yea, it was quite a season. It's been fun.

Gonna take a break from KO for a few weeks.

Enjoy the rest of the playoffs folks.

It's time to turn my attention to those Mets.

Yeah, at the very least, no one can say that this season has been boring. I'll be around all offseason, cause hell, we can always find something Knicks-related to talk about. That said, if you don't mind me asking, you have a Mets forum of choice, Nuckles?


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Definitely my favorite season. The humidity is making me not want to type a lot now, so I won't talk much about it. I appreciate the ups and downs this season. It's what makes life interesting. I'm glad to be a part of the KnicksOnline community, it's great reading and discussing things with all of you. I felt this season would have been perfect for a championship, but I'm not gonna complain. This season has brought a lot of memories, and Game 4 made me feel great.

I hope nobody's gone that long from the board!


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This season was exhausting, it felt like 3 seasons rolled into one and opening night seems like so long ago.

One of the reasons it's so amazing to have this forum is to be able to share the ups and downs of this crazy season with like-minded people. I think that stopped me having a heart-attack this year. :)


****, I have an amazing knack of having the last post on a page... So as no one's going to see this, you're all gay... :p


Just when I gave up Linsainty came. Then when I gave up again Dantoni got fired and Woodson and Melo stepped up. Anyway hopefully we can add another PG to Lin or sign Nash. Also get a backup center because the drop off when Chandler isn't in the lineup is scary and sad.


We had a nice run, please dont let us getting eliminated put you down to much, we will get better next season and we will figure things out

I will probably still continue to be on here alot and try to squeeze in any little info i can find, i dont usually make threads but if something interesting pops up with the Knicks ill be sure to update


Peace to everyone who's taking a break come back soon


This season was borderline manic.....we have huge up's and huge downs....
steal of the draft Shump......steal of free agency Lin........
Lets hope Landy moves in with Allen Houston and gets a shot....
3 young solid players to go with out big semi-3.....
at least we have what appears a more solid team next year......


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Without a doubt the most exciting season to watch. Too bad we had SO many ups and downs but that's just part of the game. Shouts to every KO-er who's been riding with us in 11/12, you guys are the ones making this board a top-notch forum!
I've never had so much fun reading your posts! Game threads - i don't think there are other people that can do a better job anywhere in the world!
smokes, Crazy - you're doing fabulous jobs with your videos, keep'em coming!
To anyone taking a longer or a shorter break, have a great vacation/summer and get your asses back soon!

To the rest of you, there's still plenty ahead left:
* Knicks might be out of the competition but seeing LBJ missing another title is the next best thing, lol.
* We still got a second round guy to draft, right?
* Lots of expiring contracts. Who do we try keep? Who do we trade?
* Summer league again!