The 2011/12 Game Thread Schedule


Well, if everything goes by the plan, on Christmas day our mighty Knicks will face the Celtics in the first regular season game since April. Here's the remaining schedule, choose your games!
 Sat 17     @ New Jersey Preseason      2:00pm     MSG          
 Wed 21     vs New Jersey Preseason     7:30pm     MSG          
 Sun 25     vs Boston         12:00pm         [B]Crazy8s[/B]
 Wed 28     @ Golden State 10:30pm     MSG          
 Thu 29     @ LA Lakers      10:30pm             [B]jpz17[/B]
 Sat 31     @ Sacramento       8:00pm     MSG          

 Mon 02     vs Toronto      7:30pm     MSG          
 Wed 04     vs Charlotte      7:30pm     MSG      [B]Crazy8s  [/B]  
 Fri 06     @ Washington       7:00pm     MSG          [B]RunningJumper[/B]
 Sat 07     @ Detroit        7:30pm     MSG          [B]Dzwonsson[/B]
 Mon 09     vs Charlotte      7:30pm     MSG          [B]Crazy8s[/B]
 Wed 11     vs Philadelphia 7:30pm     MSG         
 Thu 12     @ Memphis       8:00pm               [B]Crazy8s[/B]
 Sat 14     @ Oklahoma City 8:00pm     MSG          [B]Dzwonsson[/B]
 Mon 16     vs Orlando      1:00pm     MSG          
 Wed 18     vs Phoenix      7:30pm     MSG        [B]jpz17 [/B] 
 Fri 20     vs Milwaukee      7:30pm     MSG          [B]Crazy8s[/B]
 Sat 21     vs Denver       7:30pm     MSG          [B]Dzwonsson[/B]
 Tue 24     @ Charlotte       7:00pm     MSG          [B]jpz17[/B]
 Wed 25     @ Cleveland       7:00pm     MSG          [B]AmareForPresident[/B]
 Fri 27     @ Miami       8:00pm     MSG          [B]Crazy8s[/B]
 Sat 28     @ Houston       8:00pm     MSG          [B]Dzwonsson[/B]
 Tue 31     vs Detroit      7:30pm     MSG          

 Thu 02     vs Chicago      8:00pm      [B]la2ny[/B]         
 Fri 03     @ Boston         8:00pm     MSG    [B]la2ny[/B]      
 Sat 04     vs New Jersey      7:30pm     MSG      [B]la2ny[/B]    
 Mon 06     vs Utah         7:30pm     MSG         [B]jpz17[/B] 
 Wed 08     @ Washington       7:00pm     MSG       [B]Crazy8s[/B]   
 Fri 10     vs LA Lakers      8:00pm     MSG       [B]jpz17[/B]   
 Sat 11     @ Minnesota       8:00pm     MSG     [B]Dzwonsson[/B]     
 Tue 14     @ Toronto       7:00pm     MSG         [B]AmareForPresident[/B] 
 Wed 15     vs Sacramento      7:30pm     MSG      [B]AmareForPresident[/B]    
 Fri 17     vs New Orleans  8:00pm     MSG          [B]KnicksWillRiseAgain[/B]
 Sun 19     vs Dallas          1:00pm               [B]Dzwonsson[/B]
 Mon 20     vs New Jersey      7:30pm     MSG      [B]Crazy8s[/B]    
 Wed 22     vs Atlanta        7:30pm     MSG          [B]Dzwonsson[/B]
 Thu 23     @ Miami         7:00pm               [B]Crazy8s[/B]
 Wed 29     vs Cleveland      7:30pm     MSG     [B]Crazy8s[/B]    
 Sun 04     @ Boston        1:00pm              [B]CA7[/B] 
 Tue 06     @ Dallas         8:30pm     MSG      [B]Crazy8s[/B] 
 Wed 07     @ San Antonio   8:30pm     MSG      [B]Crazy8s[/B]     
 Fri 09     @ Milwaukee       8:30pm     MSG    [B] Dzwonsson[/B]
 Sun 11     vs Philadelphia 12:00pm MSG          [B]Dzwonsson [/B]
 Mon 12     @ Chicago       8:00pm     MSG      [B]KnicksWillRiseAgain[/B]    
 Wed 14     vs Portland      7:30pm     MSG      [B]KnicksWillRiseAgain[/B]    
 Fri 16     vs Indiana      7:30pm  MSG   [B]Crazy8s[/B]       
 Sat 17     @ Indiana       7:00pm     MSG    [B]Crazy8s[/B]      
 Tue 20     vs Toronto      7:30pm     MSG          
 Wed 21     @ Philadelphia  7:00pm     MSG          
 Fri 23     @ Toronto       7:00pm     MSG          
 Sat 24     vs Detroit       7:30pm     MSG         [B]Dzwonsson[/B] 
 Mon 26     vs Milwaukee      7:30pm     MSG          
 Wed 28     vs Orlando      7:00pm     MSG          
 Fri 30     @ Atlanta       7:30pm     MSG          
 Sat 31     vs Cleveland      7:30pm     MSG        [B]Dzwonsson[/B]  

 Tue 03     @ Indiana       7:00pm     MSG          
 Thu 05     @ Orlando       7:00pm     MSG          
 Sun 08     vs Chicago      1:00pm               [B]Dzwonsson[/B]
 Tue 10     @ Chicago       9:30pm     MSG          
 Wed 11     @ Milwaukee       8:00pm     MSG          
 Fri 13     vs Washington      7:30pm     MSG          
 Sun 15     vs Miami         1:00pm   [B]CA7[/B]            
 Tue 17     vs Boston        8:00pm      [B]Crazy8s[/B]         
 Wed 18     @ New Jersey       7:30pm     MSG          
 Fri 20     @ Cleveland       7:30pm     MSG          
 Sun 22     @ Atlanta       1:00pm     MSG          
 Wed 25     vs LA Clippers  8:00pm     MSG          
 Thu 26     @ Charlotte       8:00pm     MSG

Please put me down for the 21st, 23rd and 26th of March.



Grid or Riot
BTW, it's still early, but what about playoff game threads? Everyone's free to have one or users with most GTs throughout the RS choose first?


Staff member
I'm not sure about it, it always worked on the first came first served basis, but we can wait for march madness to end so we can have a clearer view of the playoffs picture.